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Alfea Excellia Duo A.I

Split air-to-water heat pump that provides a low temperature solution for all projects.

Alfea Excellia Duo A.I. is an easily adaptable high performance heat pump with integrated domestic hot water production (190 litre storage tank included). Its design and range of accessories make it an ideal option for heat pump renovation projects

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  • DHW storage tank included (190L)
  • COP : up to 4.3 (+7°C / +35°C)
  • Compatible with all kinds of low temperature transmitters (underfloor heating/cooling, fan coil)
  • Intuitive control and simplified use
  • Navistem 400S regulator
  • Perfect solution for high heating demand
  • 16L buffer tank integrated
  • Patented coaxial heat exchanger
  • Inverter regulation
  • Possibility to manage an electric radiator heating zone from the heat pump control panel (optional)
  • 3kW Electrical back-up integrated (9kW three phase models)


Navilink A59

• Room temperature display
• Radio communication
• Single product allows wired or wireless installation
• Simple activation for holiday mode

2 Zone Kit

• 2nd zone kit than can be fitted integral to the Duo heat pump
• Integrated low consumption circulation pump and mixer valve
• Compatible with underfloor heating, radiators and fan coils

Boiler Connection

• Allows the connection of a gas or oil boiler to the Heat Pump
• Compatible with range of 2nd zone kits
• Provides system flexibility to cover all installations