Features & Benefits

In-line Kits

Packs include flow & return headers with mixing header and gas header, all with fixing brackets. For easy connection, flexible stainless steel pipe and connections are supplied together with pressure relief values, boiler shut off valves and drain cock. Appropriately sized ErP modulating shunt pumps are also included. Flow, return and low loss headers together with the flexible boiler connections are all pre insulated. Separate single boiler frame kits are available for use with in-line kits if required.

Back-to-back Kits

Packs include all the in-line contents plus the required special frame kits for such compact installations. Both types of kit are available for the following number of boilers and sizes. Mixing header kits and modulating pump kits are also available separately.

Low Height Kits

Designed to make installation much simpler in circumstances of reduced headroom, these kits offer an option of replacing a floor standing atmospheric boiler with high efficiency, condensing models. Three options are available allowing for outputs from 30 to 450kW.

Please note, the relevant Evomax boilers must be ordered separately.

  • Fit easily through standard doorways
  • Lift weights are as low as possible
  • Maximum outputs of 600kW available (450kW for Low Height Kit)
  • In-line and Back-to-back options available, up to 6 boilers (In-line only, up to 3 boilers for Low Height Kit)
  • All pipe work connections are supplied with either the boiler, header kit or are pre-assembled to the header kit
  • Compatible with an Ideal Commercial Sequencer
  • Supplied with a low loss / mixing header, saving time and money on the installation (not on Low Height Kit)
  • All flow and return pipe work is pre-insulated
  • Extremely compact dimensions allow for replacement of existing standard efficiency floor standing boilers
  • Low energy modulating pumps (ErP approved)


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