Our Courses

We offer courses covering our domestic, light commercial and commercial boilers as well as legislation and regulation based courses.

  • Domestic Boiler Training

    • Hands on training
    • Understand the inner workings of the boiler range
    • Get to grips with commissioning, servicing and fault finding
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Quickly gain awareness of the Ideal boiler range

The Ideal Boilers e-Learning Course is an online training module for installers. Take the quick online training module to learn about the Ideal boiler range and test your skills with an online quiz!

Meet the trainers

  • Charlie Penwright

    Charlie Penwright

  • Ian Smith

    Ian Smith

  • Colin Daly

    Colin Daly

  • Scott Young

    Scott Young

  • Nigel Hague

    Nigel Hague

  • Vince Johnson

    Vince Johnson

Our training centres

Our state-of the-art Training Centres of Excellence offer a range of comprehensive courses, which can be customised for individual installation and servicing companies.

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    To ensure we can meet the needs of Installers across the country, we have a number of satellite training centres fully equipped to offer training on a range of our boilers.

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