Environmental Policy

As a leading UK based manufacturer of domestic, commercial and industrial heating products for the UK and IE markets, we have made ourselves aware of the consequential impacts our operations have on the environment. This we have done in relation to the resources used within the manufacturing processes and also the energy used by our products once installed. We recognise the importance of product design in this context and in terms of sustainable development.

Our commitment to care for the environment is translated into company policy in the following ways:

1) In pursuance of excellent environmental performance through the ongoing development of our formal Environmental Management System, (EMS), we will put in place and regularly review appropriate measures to prevent pollution incidents.

2) With regard to our identified significant environmental aspects, we will not knowingly violate any requirement imposed on our operations by applicable legislation or regulation. We will maintain systems to ensure legislative compliance, operating to official guidance and to appropriate industry best practice.

3) We will set and regularly review objectives and targets for our highest rated significant environmental aspects. We have identified those relating to resource use, waste and direct releases into the environment for particular attention. Our overall aim will be to reduce the associated environmental impacts at any stage of the product life cycle where it is practical to do so. With regard to Climate Change, our EMS will include a system for managing the carbon emissions related to our site activities.

4) We will liaise with our suppliers, contractors and customers to find practical, mutually cost effective ways to minimise environmental impacts of common concern. This will assist us in our quest for continual, sustainable improvement in our overall environmental performance.

5) We will develop the skills and competences required for relevant staff to manage environmental issues related to our operations. We will also pursue appropriate environmental awareness and understanding amongst our various interested parties, particularly where concerns are raised.