The Triple E Product Register is a list of ‘best in class’ efficiency and renewable energy products. The list is managed by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). Triple E product attributes are:

  • 10-15% more energy efficient when compared with standard alternatives
  • Reduced energy running costs
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Triple E procurement represents good procurement practice.performing even in night-time conditions, as well as in hail or rain.

The Triple E product register aims to assist the Public Sector organisations to reduce its carbon footprint and save money through investing in energy efficient products. Triple E currently lists over 7,000 eligible products across 49 technology types.

Triple E operates as a generic benchmark database for best in class energy efficient products, and one which is beneficial to both the public and private sectors when procuring equipment.

Procuring from the register provides organisations with the assurance that they are purchasing a product of very high efficiency.

For full details on the Triple E programme or to search the product lists please visit

Heat Pump Triple E Code
Alfea Excellia 11 HPU70401
Alfea Excellia 11 (3-Phase) HPU70403
Alfea Excellia 11 A.I. (3-Phase) HPU74133
Alfea Excellia 14 HPU70402
Alfea Excellia 14 (3-Phase) HPU70404
Alfea Excellia 14 A.I. (3-Phase) HPU74134
Alfea Excellia 16 (3-Phase) HPU70405
Alfea Excellia 16 A.I. (3-Phase) HPU74135
Alfea Excellia A.I. 11 HPU74131
Alfea Excellia A.I. 14 HPU74132
Alfea Excellia Duo 11 HPU70406
Alfea Excellia Duo 11 (3-Phase) HPU70408
Alfea Excellia Duo 14 HPU70407
Alfea Excellia Duo 14 (3-Phase) HPU70409
Alfea Excellia Duo 16 (3-Phase) HPU70410
Alfea Excellia Duo A.I. 11 HPU74136
Alfea Excellia Duo A.I. 11 (3-Phase) HPU74138
Alfea Excellia Duo A.I. 14 (3-Phase) HPU74139
Alfea Excellia Duo A.I. 16 (3-Phase) HPU74140
Alfea Excellia Duo A.I.14 HPU74137
Alfea Extensa A.I. 10 HPU74126
Alfea Extensa A.I. 5 HPU74123
Alfea Extensa A.I. 6 HPU74124
Alfea Extensa A.I. 8 HPU74125
Alfea Extensa Duo A.I. 10 HPU74130
Alfea Extensa Duo A.I. 5 HPU74127
Alfea Extensa Duo A.I. 6 HPU74128
Alfea Extensa Duo A.I. 8 HPU74129
Alfea Extensa Duo+ 10 HPU70400
Alfea Extensa Duo+ 5 HPU70397
Alfea Extensa Duo+ 6 HPU70398
Alfea Extensa Duo+ 8 HPU70399
Alfea Extensa+ 10 HPU70396
Alfea Extensa+ 5 HPU70393
Alfea Extensa+ 6 HPU70394
Alfea Extensa+ 8 HPU70395